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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Catherine Tate Show

Catherine Tate Show is a popular British sketch comedy on BBC 2. Catherine Tate is the star in all these sketches and plays a diverse range of characters.
Perhaps the most famous is Lauren, an argumentative and lazy teenage girl who gets out of embarrassing situations by repeating her catchphrase, "Am I bovvered?" (“I don’t care”) or "Look at my face, is my face bovvered? Face? Bovvered?" (“Look at my face" "Do you think I care?”). That's the way Catherine Tate caricatures British chavs.
Watch this video and try to understand it ignoring the subtitles first (although I know it’s a bit difficult). Then, answer these questions:
-Find a synonym for “big”
- How do you say "Coca-Cola Light" in English?
- What’s the difference between “employer” and “employee”?
- Lauren is exaggerating her friend's comment “you will sell burgers for the rest of your life”. Say an example of what she answers back.
- What happens at 1:00?
- Why is it so funny her comment “look at my face” just at this moment?
-Lauren is denying the evidence all the time. How would you describe her? Do you like her?

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