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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Enjoy the song

Depeche Mode "Enjoy the silence" (LYRICS)

1) Listen carefully to these words and classify them according to the pronunciation of the letter "i":/ai/, /i/ (short i), /i:/ (long i), schwa (between e and a)


2) Pay attention to the pronunciation of -ed in wanted and needed. How are they pronounced?

3) What's the meaning of

4) Derivatives:

a. The suffixes -ful, -able and -less are attached to words to form adjectives. Look for three adjectives with these endings in the song. What do they mean?
b. What new words could you create from: understand, harm and arm? Look up the dictionary if necessary.
c. Which sense does the suffix -less add to a word? And the prefix un- (unnecessary)?

5) What's the difference between break, crash, and pierce? and between harm and pain?

Monday, November 15, 2010

The story of a hero dog

What kind of dog was it?LabradorGerman ShepherdPoodle

What was the dog's name?

What happened to Buddy's house?
It was destroyed by a volcanoIt was leveled by a hurricaneIt caught on fire

What did Buddy's owner ask him to do?
Go get helpGo get the policeGet some water

How did the troopers learn about the problem?
they saw the smokea neighbor called for helpBuddy led them to the house

What was the major cause of the fire?
A heaterA ChemistThe fireplace

How many people died in the fire?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Have you ever eaten meat with gravy?

I don't know why, but British love gravy... Watch the video and do these activities. Then, send them to my email.

What kind of meat does the speaker recommend you to use gravy with?
Where is the fat taken from?
When does the fat rise to the top of the bowl?
What are the ingredients of the roux?
How do you keep the roux from burning?
When do you know the roux is done?
What is the final step after seasoning it?